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Hey all, Just wondering if anyone had run into the issue of getting transcoding working when accessing jellyfin behind a reverse proxy that uses htaccess from outside the network (without a vpn) If so how did you solve it (is there something better than htaccess).



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Figure 1

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The system will install NGINX on your server and display a progress log.

Do it only if you have Apache on backend PROXY backend.

Figure 2

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htaccess files, if Apache&x27;s document root concurs with nginx&x27;s one location &92;.


I did not observe a similar behavior with other (sub)domains yet, but when trying to create another new.


Oct 10, 2019 Using Nginx as a Reverse Proxy To configure Nginx as a reverse proxy to an HTTP server, open the domains server block configuration file and specify a location and a proxied server inside of it server listen 80; servername www. 181; proxyredirect off; proxysetheader Host host; Static files location location .

Firstly it handles static content very well.

Figure 3

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We will configure NGINX to work just like a proxy server over Apache webserver.


So you'd have something like this.

Figure 4

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This will clear.

Let me see if I can find some logs on that.

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The resources from these servers are returned to the client as if they originate from the Web server itself.

Access can be limited by IP address, the number of.


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